First Post… And I’m Already Complaining!

I never intended to start off my blog… a document of my journey to the “new me”… with a gripe, but I just can’t help myself.  I’m becoming increasingly irritated with the selection of fabric and ribbon choices at my local JoAnn’ s and Hobby Lobby.  And I could live with small selections if it weren’t for the extravagant prices.  C’mon people… $8.99/yard for black cotton fabric with tiny white polka dots is insane!!!  The closest discount fabric store (that I can find so far) is in Chicago, and apparently it’s a huge, filthy warehouse where you have to know what you’re looking for before you arrive, or you run the risk of becoming extremely lost and overwhelmed, potentially not making it out alive.  Alright, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still…

Despite the boring selection and pricing fit only for Donald Trump, I managed to find what I needed to make some awesome Christmas presents for the babies in my life.  I’m bursting with excitement about this latest project because I designed it myself.  And I’m torn… I REALLY want to post pictures, but for fear of ruining a great Christmas surprise, I’ll refrain… for now.

On another note, I’m thoroughly enjoying watching my little monkey waddle around doing “the gorilla walk” (arms in the air, knees slightly bent, rocking from side to side), and squealing with glee at the shear sight of the dogs.  Nikki is indifferent to his existence until she feels the need to protect him from some unforeseen danger (namely Toby).  Toby, on the other hand, runs faster than lightning… in the opposite direction… upon Ryder’s approach.  It’s hysterical to see a 100lb. dog fleeing from a 20lb. baby.  All in all, they’ve managed to get along thus far… and that’s all we can ask for!

Hey!  I managed to end on a positive note anyway… pat on the back for me.

Until next time, here’s a (blurry) shot of my monkey in action… headed straight for Nikki.


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