Holy Haircut, Batman!

Ok… so ya know that fabulous haircut I raved about yesterday?  Um… yeah… not so much.

As the day turned into evening, and I lived in my new hair, I started to noticed little things here and there.  I’m typically very picky, and quite a perfectionist about certain things… and hair is one of them (although lately, you wouldn’t know it).  So I decided to reserve full judgment until I could perform the “day-after test.”  You know the one… it’s that defining moment when you get to wash all the salon product out of your newly coiffed ‘do and try to recreate it on your own.

From the front, it was awesome!  Just like the picture I took yesterday.  From the back… TOTAL DISASTER!  The layers were SO uneven, and I had this strange duck tail thing squirming out from underneath.  No matter what size curling iron I tried, or how many times I got it wet and dried it, nothing helped.  So I tried to ignore it, hoping it would magically get better as the day progressed.  Unfortunately, my discomfort and anxiety over the situation only increased.  Eventually, I figured I HAD to do something.  So much to my chagrin, I called the salon and politely explained that I had come in yesterday morning, had my hair done, and that I was noticing a few spots that needed to be “touched up.”  The fact that the salon owner didn’t even have to ask my name on the phone should’ve told me something…  Luckily, she was able to fit me in with Miranda after Ryder woke up from his nap.  And even more luckily, my friend Maureen was willing and able to watch Ryder for me!  (Thank you a million times over, Mo!)

Anyway… I show up at the salon, and Miranda comes out from the back.  She had a full tattoo sleeve on one arm, and a major punk ‘do with one side shaved, and lines shaved into that.  YIKES!  I knew this could mean one of two things… either I was going to end up coming home and shaving my own head, or this was a sign that she was “hip” to the latest trends and techniques and could truly save my mop.  I sat down in the chair and explained my situation to her.  All the while, I can see the look on her face as she’s rifling through my hair, fully understanding my plight.  Whew!  At least I wasn’t making it up!  🙂

After a quick shampoo, Miranda set to work.  She cautioned that it wouldn’t be perfect (because it was SO messed up before), but she’d do her best to even it out, and blend the layers together better.  After another hour in the salon, this is what I ended up with…. It’s a LOT different than what I had in mind yesterday, but a million times better than it was when I woke up this morning.  It looks a lot thinner because she flat-ironed it to be sure she got everything straightened out…  Wish me luck w/ this one!  lol

Photo on 2009-09-30 at 17.05 #2

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