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Evan Jackson Barr! Our newest addition arrived via c-section at 8:43am on December 22nd.  He was 20 1/2 inches long and weighed a whopping 9lb. 14oz. He has made a smooth transition into our family, and has proven to be a very quiet, very mellow “little” boy.  The dogs (particularly Nikki) are VERY protective of […]

Recent Happenings

Recent Happenings

Here’s another brief update of life since my last post… In September, Ryder started a gymnastics class at our neighborhood community center.  He was surprisingly timid at the beginning of the first class, but it didn’t take long fo him to warm up to the idea.  After all, who wouldn’t want to be allowed to […]

Catching Up... Again

Catching Up… Again

So far, my desk apron has done the trick!  Ryder has grown bored of trying to get under my desk, but has found many other mischievous fun things to do.  Unfortunately, he still climbs under the other part of my desk (under my feet) and pulls on all the cords, etc.  I could probably easily remedy this […]

Desk Apron

Desk Apron

I quickly became tired of chasing Ryder away from all the junk useful and well-organized items under my desk.  So I decided to try to create a way to keep him out… I figured the ol’ “KEEP OUT” sign just wasn’t gonna cut it 🙂 So I found a inexpensive piece of fabric that sorta […]