Catching Up… Again

So far, my desk apron has done the trick!  Ryder has grown bored of trying to get under my desk, but has found many other mischievous fun things to do.  Unfortunately, he still climbs under the other part of my desk (under my feet) and pulls on all the cords, etc.  I could probably easily remedy this situation, only the fabric I bought for the original curtain was the last bit of clearance stuff left on the bolt.  So I might still go for it, but it won’t match.  Function over form, I guess…

Ryder’s Easter basket served its purpose quite well.  (Revisit how I refashioned a Goodwill cardigan into an Easter Basket here.)  We joined our friends at their neighborhood Easter egg hunt and really enjoyed watching the kids collect their loot… even in the pouring rain.

At least once a week, we get to visit with Ryder’s best friends.  When we go to their house, he LOVES to “cook” in Lainey and Kami’s kitchen.  He proudly wears their pink aprons and chef hats, and “vacuums” the playroom floor with gusto.  So I looked around on a local yardsale website and found a nearly identical kitchen for $20.  I paired it with the dishes I played with as a litter girl and whipped up this fun hat and apron combo.  You could be looking at the next Guy Fieri!

Now that he’s got the gear, I realized we were running short in the food department.  So of course, I had to try making some… it’s a work in progress, but here’s what he cooks so far:

Keep an eye out for more delicious felt!

A few weeks ago, we marked a big milestone in Ryder’s life… his first haircut!  We went to KidSnips where Miss Kathy hand-picked an Elmo video and seated Ryder in the Superman car.  I was worried he would freak out, but he couldn’t have had more fun.  When Kathy was done, his long curly mullet was gone, and he’d been transformed into a handsome big boy!  They packaged a lock of his hair and attached it to a fun little certificate that I put straight into his baby book.

Speaking of Elmo videos (or “Eh-nuh” as Ryder calls him)… this is our newest obsession.  Ryder has also fallen in love his his “baby” (one of my Cabbage Patch Kids).  Baby usually stays in bed, but sometimes he gets to run errands with us.  I captured his photo on my phone while running errands at Target…

Spring has been SO beautiful!  We’ve already enjoyed countless outings to local parks and zoos…

… and grilling season has officially begun in our house.  YUM!

Looking forward to more awesome weather, more outings, more sewing, and more FUN!

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