Most Random Post Ever

I haven’t blogged in um… hmm…

Moving on.

This post is simply to earn 25 points toward the chance to WIN a Nikon camera.  I decided when Ryder was tiny that I was tired of carrying around a camera in addition to the million other things I “needed” to make it through the day with a little one.  So I settled for crappy cell phone pictures rather than having no pictures at all because I was too lazy busy to get out the real camera.  I knew I’d always have my phone, and could easily fit it in my pocket to be ready at a moment’s notice.  Thanks to Instagram, some of those crappy pics have been salvaged, and I’ve managed to get some great shots.

BUT… winning an awesome camera from the GroopDealz giveaway would definitely persuade me to learn how to really capture some great memories in a way that doesn’t leave me justifying just how bad they are.  And now that the boys are getting bigger, more independent, and require less “stuff” I’m more willing to carry a real camera.  Besides… then I’d actually be able to justify making some cute camera strap covers and bags!

Wish me luck!

Since we’re on the subject of photography, here are the most handsome subjects in the whole wide world… with some of those “salvaged” shots.  Not bad, huh?

Maybe this random post will inspire me to post more consistently… Maybe?

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