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My MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group only meets twice a month. On one of our “off” weeks, we have an optional Bible study we can attend. Last semester, we did a book about some women from the New Testament… this semester, it’s women from the Old Testament. We’ve looked at Mary (mother of Jesus) and her extraordinary courage to faithfully deal with the circumstances God gave her. We’ve seen how Mary Magdalene was delivered from demons, faithfully and fervently followed Jesus, and was rewarded by being a firsthand witness to His resurrection.

This month, we looked at Mary of Bethany and how she acted on her faith, even if her timing and methods weren’t the popular or “acceptable” way to show her love to Him. But at least she did something.

An excerpt from the intro to this chapter says “Mary reminds us that we aren’t called to solve the world’s problems – poverty, hunger, injustice – on our own, but we can do something. And if we serve out of love and devotion to Jesus, our meager efforts will be rewarded and remembered by the one who does have the power to change the world.”

I found this very encouraging. I am one of those people who can become so easily overwhelmed. I get buried under the to-do lists – all the things I want to do, the things I have to do, the things I feel I should do, and even the things I feel other people think I should do – that many times I just don’t do anything. Jesus doesn’t expect me to do everything. But if I do nothing, everybody loses. It was as if Jesus was speaking straight to me (although I know many of my friends felt the same way… God’s awesome like that) by affirming my goal for the year: Slow and Steady with Intention. Doing a little bit… doing what I can… Because after a while, all those “little bits” add up to something bigger. And then everybody wins!

So, friends, let me encourage you as I’ve been encouraged… Do what you can. You can’t solve world hunger on your own. But you can provide a meal for a homeless person, or take a hurting friend out for coffee. You can’t single-handedly turn your city into a sparkling metropolis that’s seemingly untouched by crime, unemployment and neglect. But you can pick up trash in your local park or help a neighbor mend their broken fence. We also can’t save every lost soul. But we can share with them, do life with them, and pray that Jesus – the one who can save them – will reveal Himself to them.

Like our wonderful mentor shared, “You don’t have to do all you can. Just do what you can do because sometimes that’s all you can do.” 🙂

What can YOU do?

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