Grati-Tuesday: Back to School & The Bachelor

In an effort to focus on the good things in life (at least once a week… HA!), I’m dedicating one blog post a week to gratitude.  Thus, “Grati-Tuesday” was born.

Today, I’m so grateful for Ryder’s school.  He is such a social boy, and has been pretty lonely without seeing his school buddies.  He only goes two days a week, and only for three hours a day.  But he loves his classmates, and he loves his teachers.  He was dressed to the shoes (FlyLady would be proud!) before 6:30 this morning, and even had his hat and backpack on.  Going back to school represents a return to our normal routine, which is awesome.  It also gives this mama a chance to spend a little one-on-one time with Evan, and get more errands done (since it’s exponentially easier to get only one kid in and out of the car than two).  Aside from the ob

vious benefits, I’m mostly grateful for our school in particular.  His teachers are so loving.  They make us feel important, and truly want nothing but the best for our son and our whole family… And as special as they make us feel, they spend equal amounts of energy on every other family in the class.  Their curriculum is fun, and they share God’s love with the kids in a relevant, age-appropriate way.  We even managed to run into one of Ryder’s teachers in Disneyland (so she must be a woman of great character if she loves that place like we do!).


Secondly, I’m grateful for the giant load of laundry I folded.  No, really!  Because while I folded laundry, I got to catch up on the premiere of The Bachelor.  Oh Sean, Sean, Sean… you have your hands full this season!  Here’s my brief recap:

– I totally love Arie, and the moments between them were hysterical.  (“Will YOU accept this rose?  Will you ACCEPT this rose?  Will you…acceptthisrose?”)

– I pinned Tierra as soon as she told her story.  I was super glad he gave her a rose right away… but EW!!!  According to the trailers for the rest of the season, she’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

– Yoga Instructor girl… the tabloids will rake you over the coals for going barefoot.  I think we could be bff’s because of it.

– Daniella… the way she speaks is super annoying, and I was kinda sad she got a rose.  However, I was extremely glad he didn’t give a rose to 50 Shades of Drunk!

– Kacie… You’re super cute (still), but I don’t remember being so annoyed by your voice last time.  And I literally LOL’d when you suggested getting that poor girl some water.  If I had to place a bet, I’d say you’re gonna end up on the “I see you more as a friend” list with Sean though.

– Wedding Dress girl… if the gal who works at a bridal salon and designs wedding dresses didn’t wear a wedding dress, you probably shouldn’t have either.  Luckily for you, there were bigger fish to fry this week.  You’re super cute, but hopefully you’ve learned and will try harder (to not try so hard) next week.

I think this will be an interesting season, to say the least.  Thoughts?

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