New Year, Newly Improved Blog… Here Goes Nothin’!

As the tagline of my blog indicates, my brain is a terribly overwhelmed and disorganized place.  And you, lucky reader, get the privilege of discovering the output of all that chaos.  🙂  So here we go…

My phrase for 2012 was “Be Intentional.”  It was a great reminder and motivator for me to use my time and talents as wisely as possible so that my year would go into the history books with little or no regret.  This year, I’ve added to it.

2013 will be my “Slow and steady with intention” year.  I tend to be more successful if I proceed with baby steps.  If I jump into a new situation or face a new goal with both feet, I tend to get overwhelmed and burn out before I make any headway.  So this year, I plan to work toward my goals one consistent step at a time.  One of those goals is to blog more.  That shouldn’t be hard since I only blogged a couple of times last year, but I’d like it to become part of my routine.  Even if I never develop a big readership, I’ll at least have a place to return to where I can relive success, relearn from mistakes, and celebrate family milestones.

Speaking of family…

Ryan: Loves his job in the Creative division at Gallo, and is looking forward to some exciting opportunities this year.  He has his own set of goals, and you can follow his progress at

Ryder: Really enjoys preschool, and has made some sweet friendships.  His favorite activities include riding his bike and scooter, playing with the boys next door, and being a super hero.

Evan: Just turned two.  He has an adorably mischievous grin that (sometimes) helps keep him out of trouble.  He loves trains and Elmo like nobody’s business.

And me?   Well, I’m working on fine-tuning the balance between motherhood, marriage, homemaking, and my crafting obsession hobby.  And I’m thiiiiiiiiiis close to finishing my craft cave, which I hope to reveal here soon.

So… here’s to a successful 2013 full of love and wonderful memories!  I hope you’ll buckle up and enjoy the ride with me here at Almost Super!


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  1. Keri
    Keri January 9, 2013 at 8:40 pm | | Reply

    I’ll be your audience!! =)

  2. Stuff I’ve Made… Thanks Pinterest! January 22, 2013 at 6:40 pm |

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