Stuff I’ve Made… Thanks Pinterest!

Oh Pinterest, how you inspire and frustrate me in the same moment!  Luckily, lately I’ve felt more inspired than frustrated, and here is some of the evidence:

Amidst a major decor re-do in our master, our closet got a facelift.  Inspired by this pin, I found my pegboard for less than $6 at Lowe’s (but I had a gift card, so really, it was free!), and snagged these plastic hooks from Amazon.  My handy hubby installed it for me, and I worked on the rest while he watched the play-off game.



I also pinned this brilliant idea for earring storage.  I found my ice cube trays at the grocery store, 2/$1.99.  The color is hideous not my first choice, but they were cheap and will be stored in a drawer, so I’ll take what I can get!  Here’s mine:



My sewing room is still not finished, but it’s much closer than it was.  Slow and steady, right?  I’m currently working on wall decorations for my room, and thing I’ve loved seeing on Pinterest is all the button art.  Monograms are a big thing too, and when combined, you just can’t go wrong.  I was first inspired by this pin.  I love the bright colors (and orange happens to be my favorite).  Before we moved to Illinois, we painted a handful of different sized canvases using the colors from our walls, and arranged them to create a large piece of art (mostly just to take up space on an obscenely large wall).  One by one, I’ve been refashioning those canvases, and I chose a medium sized black canvas for this project.  I already had the buttons, so this piece was FREE!  🙂  I just printed a “B” in a font I liked, cut it out and traced it (totally lame and old fashioned method, but it works!) onto the canvas, then used a hot glue gun to add the buttons.

IMG_3878For a bit of fun seasonal decor inspired by this pin, I used a grey/blue canvas from our stash, and some of my generous neighbor’s electrical tape (because neither of us had any masking tape) to create this:

IMG_3982I applied the paint with a round sponge, and just dabbed it on.  Then I used one of my sons’ watercolor paintbrushes to write “Let it Snow” (don’t judge… you’d raid your kids’ supplies too if you had to!).

I haven’t really ever done much decorating for Valentine’s Day, but I loved this idea.  I purchased scrapbooking stickers in fun fonts, and painted over them (dabbed with the same technique).  When it was dry my patience ran out, I peeled off the stickers and voila!


This next project was done last summer, but it was refashioned from that same stash of canvases and inspired by this pin.  Ryder’s name means “Mounted Warrior” and the verse we’ve picked for him is Joshua 1:9.  I taped, he painted, and this now hangs above the closet in the boys’ room:


There are more projects on the docket, but this is a good start!




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  1. Charlene Alexander
    Charlene Alexander January 23, 2013 at 9:22 pm | | Reply

    Love the stuff you made!! You are amazingly creative…:)

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