Grati-Tuesday: {On Wednesday… Oops!}

I know, I know… it’s Wednesday.  But I was too busy reveling in the beauty of life yesterday to care about blogging.  Ok, so that’s a bit overdramatic, but still…

Yesterday started off kinda cranky.  Even when the kids sleep all night (which isn’t often), I tend not to because I’m so used to be woken up at least once.  And when I do sleep, I don’t sleep well… not deeply enough, and too many weird dreams.  Needless to say, I wasn’t tolerating the bad attitudes from the kids very well.  I’m really good at holding on to all that yuckiness for the rest of the day.  One of the problems with that, is that it’s setting a bad example to the boys about forgiveness.  So when I got in the shower, I prayed for God to help me turn my mood around and save the rest of the day.

We dropped Ryder off at preschool, and ran a couple of errands.  I intended to go home and get some chores done around the house in the short window of time we had until school got out.  But on the way past one of our neighborhood parks, Evan pointed at the playground and gave me the most undeniably adorable boo-boo lip ever.  My first reaction was the same as always… “Not today buddy, we have things to do.”  But just in the nick of time, God kinda tapped me on the shoulder and said “What’s more important than this?”

Immediately upon letting Evan out of the car, I knew it was the right decision.  The dishes, the laundry, the next craft project… they could all wait.

That sweet boy took off running as fast as he could through the grass, arms outstretched, giggling and babbling away without a care in the world.  We played for about an hour, and then it was time to go.  But I am SO grateful for that hour.  What a blessing it was to watch my baby climb and slide… “More, Mama!  More, Mama!”




During the summer, we’re at the park several times a week.  But it’s been many months since we’ve visited, and I was so proud of all the things Evan could now do on his own.  And I can’t remember ever going to the park with just Evan.  I could tell he was really enjoying the freedom to choose where to play instead of listening to his big brother, and I really enjoyed spending some one-on-one time with him.


I say this a lot… While I’m sure I’ll miss some of the things about having babies in the house, I’m super excited to move forward and watch my boys develop and grown and experience all that life has to offer. I’m constantly amazed at how different my children are… two kids of the same gender, who have the same parents, but they are so different.  Ryder liked to go as fast as possible on the swings, but was kinda timid when it came to climbing (at first).  Evan would rather take a leisurely pace in the swing, but he wants to climb as high as humanly possible, all by himself… “No, ME!” is a phrase we hear a lot now.



We even went back later on in the evening with my parents.  Papa gave Ryder an official golf lesson…



and then Evan got in on the action as well…



Such a fun day!   Beautiful weather, lots of activity, and very… very sleep boys  🙂

I keep telling my husband that I “need billboards.”  That I don’t do well with subtle signs from God.  So I’m always extra grateful when I’m tuned in enough to hear His still small whispers… They really help to turn my days around!

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