On Failure… and Grace

The last couple of days have been “one of those days.”

I have mountains of clean laundry… still waiting to be folded.  Fail.

I sit down to write a blog centered around some old videos… and can’t get the videos to work.  Fail.

I repeat myself till I’m blue in the face… and still the boys choose not to listen.  Fail.

I ate well all morning… until after lunch when I “needed” a piece of chocolate.  Fail.

I’ve been so faithful about reading my Bible… except for the last few days.  Fail.

It’s so easy to let these kinds of thoughts take over.  They overwhelm any memory of joy or productivity.  It seems so easy to fail to live up to my own standards.

But in a brief quiet moment, I can feel His presence.  I hear Him whisper, My grace is sufficient for you.  My power is made great in weakness.”  I’m reminded that my identity isn’t wrapped up in my failures (or my successes, for that matter).  I can get up, and dust myself off, and remember that

I am a daughter of the mighty King of the universe.

And He knows me by name.

And He forgave my failures long before they happened.

Tomorrow is another day filled with His power and grace… and that in itself is a success.

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  1. Keri
    Keri February 6, 2013 at 4:29 pm | | Reply

    So sorry to hear you’ve been having a bunch of “those days”. They can really get you down. Remember that every day is a successful day if you did the best you could with what you had, even if there were little “fails” along the way. Love you, little!

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