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"Just" a Mom

“Just” a Mom

I hear women say this a lot, and even catch myself saying it more often than I care to admit:  I’m “just” a mom. The plan to be a stay-at-home mom was a total no-brainer for Ryan and me.  That’s been the plan from the very beginning of our relationship, and neither of us have […]

Grati-Tuesday: A Random List

Grati-Tuesday: A Random List

I am blessed beyond measure.  It shouldn’t take much to find something in my life to be grateful for.  But sometimes, in the thick of the daily grind, life feels down-right hard.  (I know, I know – first world problems.)  The past couple of months have been kinda like that… one bout of illness after […]

Two Sides to Every Story

I, just like every other person in America, was horrified by the images and stories coming from Boston in the wake of the bombing earlier this week.  I tried to stay up-to-date on the latest information, but had to sneak glimpses of news coverage while turning on a kiddie show, or search for developments online […]

Dear Dove ~ Close, but No Cigar

Over the last few days, a new Dove video has been swirling around Facebook.  It appears that many people (both male and female) have had a very positive reaction to its message that women shouldn’t be so critical of themselves… that we are “more beautiful than we think.” But if I’m being honest, I haven’t […]

Cry Out!

Cry Out!

I hate watching the news.  I just can’t handle the burden of negativity that streams through the speakers and straight into my heart.  And today is no exception. Another bombing. After the initial shock, and lots of prayers, my mind went straight back to 10/10/10… the day Ryan ran the Chicago marathon.  That day marked […]

Book Review: The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today's World by Susan Merrill

Book Review: The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today’s World by Susan Merrill

Last year, I became part of a review panel for new books.  The deal is, I occasionally receive emails containing the title and description of a book.  It could be just about any kind of book… Christian fiction, parenting, homemaking, self-help, etc.  If it looks like something I’d like to read, I respond to the […]

Every Child is Different... Even When Potty Training

Every Child is Different… Even When Potty Training

I get asked all the time if my boys are twins.  Like, all. the. time.  And people are always amazed when I say no and explain that they’re more than two years apart.  They spend the next several moments blathering on about how they look so much alike, and that they just can’t believe it.  We’ve been asked […]