Grati-Tuesday: A Random List

I am blessed beyond measure.  It shouldn’t take much to find something in my life to be grateful for.  But sometimes, in the thick of the daily grind, life feels down-right hard.  (I know, I know – first world problems.)  The past couple of months have been kinda like that… one bout of illness after another, Husband essentially working two jobs, potty training, etc.  Every time I thought about writing a Grati-Tuesday post, I was either more content to stay tired and cranky (don’t pretend that never happens to you… I know better!) or I was so busy or so exhausted that I never got it done.  So here’s a random list of stuff I’m grateful for right now:

~ My husband.  He loves me – period.  And he loves our boys, too (always a bonus).


~ My boys… who literally just delivered a hand-picked gardenia from our yard that smells divine .  They infuriate me.  They make me laugh. They challenge me (in good ways and bad).  They melt my heart.  And I can’t imagine life without them.


~ Waterproof mattress protectors, Oxyclean, and a lifetime supply of the cutest underroos ever.  (Ok, maybe they’re only the “cutest ever” because of the buns that are running around in them, but then again, I could be a bit biased.)


~ Our whole-house fan.  The days are getting hotter, but we haven’t used our A/C yet.  Tryin’ to hang on as long as we can.

~ Change.  Just kidding, I really hate change.  But I usually like the result once the changes have been made.  And there are some pretty good (hard, but good) changes being made ’round here.

~ Saggy clothes.  They’re just one sign that I’ve gotten rid of 15 unwanted pounds – for good.  Hawaii’s getting closer, and so is my finish line.

I’m preaching to the choir here, but let me encourage you – even on the hardest days – to take a moment and reflect on the simple things in your life that you can be thankful for in the moment.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly your mood will change!

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