Friends by Chance, Sisters by Choice

Fifteen years ago (WHAT?!  Just, wow!) I was a freshman at UOP.  One day, while working in a tiny closet in the office at the Benerd School of Education, I noticed that the girl sitting across the table from me (also an employee) had a ballet shoe keychain attached to her purple backpack.  Little did we know that striking up a conversation about our common love of dance would lead to decades of FRIENDship.  Maybe someday I’ll retell our story in greater detail.  But for now, the important part is that shortly after we met, Keri invited me to join her as a member of Alpha Phi, and she is my beloved “big sister.” Throughout college, we co-choreographed Lip Sync routines for Greek Week, made weekly trips to Sacramento to go country line dancing, and occasionally, I even did her hair for games (she was on the dance team). sc01a7c514After college, we stood up in each other’s weddings, celebrated the births of our babies, and kept in contact whenever and however we could… and each time we chat, even though very little of it involves anything dance-related, it’s like no time has passed. There is one dance topic we’ve been discussing a lot lately… the San Francisco Ballet.  It started months and months ago when Keri said, “Someday, we should…” and someday turned into Mother’s Day weekend, and a girls-only trip to watch Cinderella.  Tickets were purchased, hotel reservations were made, and the countdown began.  To say we were excited is an understatement (but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being ridiculously sad to leave my babies – even though they were in Daddy’s very capable hands).

Finally the day arrived, and we met up in the lobby of our hotel.  After dropping off our belongings in our (upgraded!) room, we went back downstairs to have dinner.  What that really means for two busy moms is that we ate an entire meal – while it was still hot – without stooping down to retrieve a sippy cup, without getting up to take a toddler to the potty, and without being interrupted every ten seconds.

It. Was. Awesome.

With full tummies, and satisfied souls, we got gussied up and headed to the Opera House – which is so beautiful!  We discovered that they are very rude strict about arriving on time, and although we were only a minute or two late, we weren’t allowed to take our ticketed seats until the first intermission.  We spent the first several acts standing behind the rail on the standing deck.  Still, we had a great view.  Spending the last several years submerged in the land of all-things-Disney, I was (naively) surprised to realize that this wasn’t the pumpkin coach, friendly woodland creature, fairy godmother version of Cinderella my boys are familiar with.  This was the director’s interpretation of the Grimm’s Fairytale version.  So while some parts were a little confusing, we eventually caught on (with the help of the program), and enjoyed the show.  The sets and props were clever and full of life.  The costumes were lovely, and the humor sprinkled throughout gave it a little extra oomph.  We were even entertained during intermission (can you say “people-watching extravaganza”?!).

IMG_4744After the show, we changed into our jammies, and enjoyed some tasty Moscato and more uninterrupted conversation until 1am.  Saturday morning we enjoyed some of Keri’s delicious homemade banana bread, and headed home.

Our time together was short on quantity, but deep in quality, and made for a memorable visit with a precious friend.  Here’s to our next adventure, Big!  Thanks for making more memories with me <3

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