Grati-Tuesday: ZZZzzzzz

This might not sound like much to most folks, but I got TWO (non-consecutive) nights of uninterrupted sleep in the last few days.  It’s amazing the difference this makes on one’s outlook on life in general.

Yes, Ryder is four… but he’s terrified of the dark.  So if he wakes up to pee in the middle of the night, he insists on a chaperone.  And it never fails, the moment I begin to drift back to dreamland, Evan wakes up wet.  If they’re not waking up for potty purposes, they’re having bad dreams, or sore throats, or growing pains, or…

IMG_4782So when I close my eyes at night, and suddenly wake up when the sun is shining, I’m usually a little disoriented at first.  Then I do a little happy dance because I know the day will at least start off a little happier than if I’d been up a million times in the wee hours of the night.

I realize there will come a day when I’ll miss how much they need me… when they’re giant and hairy and smelly with disarmingly deep voices.  So I try to take it all in stride.  It is my job, after all.  But admittedly, a full night’s sleep is a welcome reprieve, and worthy of a bit of gratitude.

I’m also thankful for grandparents… and their pools…

IMG_4855and the way they enjoy swimming with my babies…

IMG_4868and how tired said babies are after the aforementioned swim sessions.


And the way being so tired makes them sleep all. night. long.  Just sayin’.  🙂

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