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Five-minute Jewelry Refashion

Five-minute Jewelry Refashion

I bought this necklace on clearance at Target about a year ago… and haven’t worn it since.   I love the soft color and delicate details of the chains.  However, on my body, it’s a really unflattering length, and it never laid out quite right as soon as I moved.  I removed the shorter chain, […]

Stuff I've Made... Thanks Pinterest!

Stuff I’ve Made… Thanks Pinterest!

Oh Pinterest, how you inspire and frustrate me in the same moment!  Luckily, lately I’ve felt more inspired than frustrated, and here is some of the evidence: Amidst a major decor re-do in our master, our closet got a facelift.  Inspired by this pin, I found my pegboard for less than $6 at Lowe’s (but I […]

Boy, Oh Boy!... a Random Brain Dump

Boy, Oh Boy!… a Random Brain Dump

Growing up, I learned to golf and fish and camp from a really early age… and I loved every second of it!  I can vividly remember being super frustrated when my daddy wouldn’t let me bait my own hook with a nightcrawler.  But I was also a dancer, and loved Barbies and coloring and dressing up. […]

Pajama Day

Pajama Day

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve sat down several times this week to write, and I end up trashing it all.  God’s kinda messing with me this week (in the good but painful way), and I guess I’m just having trouble digesting it all for now.  So instead of trying to write something […]

This is NOT My Home

This is NOT My Home

I’m sitting outside, watching my oldest son and his buddies play Cops & Robbers as they ride their scooters back and forth through the yard. I have worship songs from this morning’s church service still playing in my head, and although it’s pretty cold today, the sunshine is beautiful and warm. But my heart is […]

Do What You Can

My MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group only meets twice a month. On one of our “off” weeks, we have an optional Bible study we can attend. Last semester, we did a book about some women from the New Testament… this semester, it’s women from the Old Testament. We’ve looked at Mary (mother of Jesus) and […]

Tiny Ryder (18mo), skyping w/ Papa

Warms My Heart Wednesday: Remember when?

This afternoon, I heard the boys’ door open, and a tiny blond head poked his sleepy face through a crack in the door.  As he emerged, I could hear him asking for something.  I assumed he was soliciting his post-nap snack, but instead he was asking for Gigi and Papa (my parents).  I explained that […]

Grati-Tuesday: Back to School & The Bachelor

Grati-Tuesday: Back to School & The Bachelor

In an effort to focus on the good things in life (at least once a week… HA!), I’m dedicating one blog post a week to gratitude.  Thus, “Grati-Tuesday” was born. Today, I’m so grateful for Ryder’s school.  He is such a social boy, and has been pretty lonely without seeing his school buddies.  He only […]

New Year, Newly Improved Blog... Here Goes Nothin'!

New Year, Newly Improved Blog… Here Goes Nothin’!

As the tagline of my blog indicates, my brain is a terribly overwhelmed and disorganized place.  And you, lucky reader, get the privilege of discovering the output of all that chaos.  🙂  So here we go… My phrase for 2012 was “Be Intentional.”  It was a great reminder and motivator for me to use my time and […]