When Ryder started preschool, I had no doubt he would be confident and tear-free.  But I wasn’t so sure about how Evan would react this morning on his first day.  We’ve been talking it up, big time… about how much fun it is and how he’ll get to play on the playground, make new friends, and have a snack (don’t judge… the boy loves his snacks!).  And he was totally buying all of it – until he woke up this morning and declared that he was NOT going to school.

Somebody hold me.

I just did not have the strength to make it through another emotional morning.  Thankfully, by the time he finished breakfast and got dressed, he was less cranky.  And when he figured out it was his turn to take a picture with “the sign” he was all smiles.

IMG_7496From then on, it was smoooooooooth sailing.  We dropped Ryder off on the playground (in a rather zombie-like state, relatively speaking) and headed to Evan’s classroom.  I was holding my breath, expecting a nuclear meltdown the moment the teacher made eye contact.  But all I heard was, “Mommy, watch me play!”  It was that easy!  No tears, no whining, no clinging to my leg.  Just smiling and chattering and playing.  Yessssssss!!!

Four hours later, I walked into his classroom to find him grinning from ear to ear.  He loved every second of his day, and his teacher even said he was a really good listener.  We celebrated with lunch at In ‘n Out and I got to hear all about how he got his hand painted red, cooked in the play kitchen, and learned the “Pokey Song” (the Hokey Pokey) where you put your fingers up “like this.”

Such a relief!  So many answers to so many prayers.

We experienced lots of firsts this week, and I’m really proud of both boys for rising to the challenge.  Ryder has admitted to already wanting a day off (HA!), but was slightly more forthcoming with the details of his day.  And Evan can’t wait to go back again next week.  Once again I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s provision for us.  We’re watching His plan unfold before our eyes, and are thrilled with the results so far.  We’re thankful for an incredible group of teachers and support staff who genuinely love our boys and their classmates, and continue to pray that God will work mightily through each of them.



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