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Keeping Us in Stitches... And Staples

Keeping Us in Stitches… And Staples

I didn’t even realize it had happened at first because he didn’t fight back. As he often does, Lobo got a case of the “zoomies,” running back and forth and ’round and ’round and up and over – something Nikki haaaaaaaated.  Most of the time, puppy zoomies are entertaining.  But giant puppy zoomies can be dangerous, and […]

Another Sad Goodbye

Another Sad Goodbye

Just a few months after we got married, Ryan and I welcomed our first “baby” – who just happened to have four legs and a long tail.  (Read more about Toby here.)  He was only six weeks old when we brought him home, and clearly hadn’t been with his littermates long enough to learn proper […]