Happy Hallow-IN

The last few months have rolled through our lives like a runaway freight train.  We’ve been surprised by one strange event after another, and at times it seemed as if there was barely enough time or space to take a breath.

Amidst the chaos I began asking the boys what they wanted to be for Halloween.  I’m not big on store-bought costumes (no judgement here, it’s just a personal preference) so I try to give myself a little time to gather the inspiration and supplies to avoid any last-minute panic.  They were having a hard time making up their minds, and somewhere along the way I lost the motivation (and necessary energy) to create anything.  So around the first week of October I raised my white flag and declared that we were going to just stay home and hang out.  Word spread and some friends of ours decided to join us.

And that’s how our first “Hallow-IN” celebration was born.

We dressed in our comfiest clothes, ordered pizzas, and plopped the kids in front of a movie while we chatted the night away.  When the movie was over, we frosted and ate cupcakes and then everyone called it a night.


And it. Was. AWESOME.

Did I mention that it just happened to be pouring rain?  We didn’t have to modify costumes to protect against the weather or cancel any plans.  The kids had fun (and never asked about candy), the adults were relaxed, and everyone was safe and warm.  WINNING!




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