Back in the Saddle

We try to take Lobo on a walk every day to burn off some of his extra energy.  Before Ryder’s paralysis, the boys loved to come along and ride their bikes, but we’ve avoided taking walks while Ryder is home so he’s not upset about missing out.  Today I invited him to walk with me, and he happily agreed… and then flashed that million dollar mischief smile and asked if he could ride his bike.  In an effort to help him build confidence and prevent him from convincing himself that he’s “disabled” we are pretty intentional about letting him attempt anything he expresses interest in.  So we all suited up and headed outside…

And after a little bit of instruction, this happened:IMG_8205He went nice and slow, and was a little wobbly, but HE RODE HIS BIKE!!!  He still needs help to get up and down the curb without losing his balance, and has some trouble getting enough speed to get up a driveway, but he did it.  We made it all the way around our normal route and he didn’t fall once, and he didn’t complain about going slowly.IMG_8208He also ran around in the front yard playing Tag and Duck, Duck, Goose.  He ran!  He didn’t trip or collapse.  He didn’t whine or worry about how he looked wearing his sling.  He just ran and played and laughed like a normal six year old boy… and this mama’s heart is happy.

This whole process would be a lot worse if he just wanted to sit and sulk.  I’m grateful that he’s still active and determined, just like he was before.  I am so proud of my warrior and his perseverance!

IMG_8197***What Ryder doesn’t know is that we actually bought him a brand new (taller) bike for Christmas.  It was delivered just a day or two before his arm stopped working.  It’s still sitting in a box in Ryan’s office, and we can’t wait to finally be able to give it to him!

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