Ryder’s Story: Part 1

I can’t even begin to guess exactly how many people are keeping up with Ryder’s life-changing journey via Facebook, and I can’t accurately describe how thankful we are to all of you who have been faithful in praying for him.  About a week ago, I began to feel compelled to make sure I had it all documented here on my blog.  The fastest and easiest way to do that is to simply cut and paste my status updates into a series of blog posts (with a few little extras thrown in).  Once they’re up-to-date, I’ll give each subsequent update it’s own post…

This guy could sure use some prayers… Long story short, we believe he may have some sort of crazy virus that is flu-like but has caused him to completely lose the use of his right arm. We’re working with a crew of professionals to help us figure out the real cause, but in the meantime, we’re praying for comfort, peace, and healing. There is a sedated MRI in his future and we’ll be getting blood work done tomorrow. He is miserable, confused, and frustrated, and we’re praying this ordeal is over quickly.

IMG_802012/23/14 – 12:24am:
Your support and love is overwhelming in the best possible way… Thank you to all those who are praying. Please continue to do so! We ended up taking him to the ER, and have been admitted for the night with the hope of having an MRI in the early afternoon. They don’t believe this is a neurological issue, but want to rule out the possibility. The MRI will require sedation, so please be in prayer for everyone’s nerves and for a quick, clear scan. Ryder is being very brave but is also very scared and uncomfortable. He seemed amazed to know that all of you are praying for him.



Some time around 7:40am:
Had a long, fitful night with nurses in and out. He really hates being connected to the machines and is dying to go home. But he understands that we have to stay as long as it takes to find out how to make him better. Just waiting for the doc to come around with news regarding our impending MRI appointment… Passing the time watching TV with Pluto. Please continue to pray… Specifically for courage for our Mounted Warrior he has plenty, but will need supernatural amounts when the time comes!10449969_10152991422738701_1841846881086673157_n

Some time around 12:30pm:
Fever’s creeping back up… A dose of Tylenol, a cold washcloth, and the iPad to pass the time till our big test. He’s in pretty good spirits for now, and it’s amazing what a warm shower and a walk with a horse-dog can do for a tired mama.IMG_8028

This is the face of a warrior who is about to face the scariest thing he’s ever been thru, and he did it with courage and grace. They allowed me to hold his hand until he was fully asleep, and we even discovered that one of his recovery nurses is a gal I’ve known since high school. He is in good hands, so we are now praying for clear results, solid answers, and comfort thru recovery. Procedure should be over in about 45 minutes.IMG_8029

Awake, but feeling like he’s been hit by a truck. Chatting a bit and working on getting comfy. Headed back to our room to wait for results… Praying for answers and a clear path.IMG_8031

Time to amp up those prayers please!

Praise: Ryder’s brain is normal and the scans were clear.

Problem: some portions of his C-spine “lit up” which means there’s an issue there.

Process: we are awaiting scheduling for a spinal tap, which requires sedation (again). This will help determine whether the issue is viral, bacterial, or auto-immune.

These are all scary words to this exhausted mama’s ears. But we are grateful for the doctors and staff here, and all the support we are receiving from all of you. Your prayers, encouragement, and support are more precious than we can express.

OK kids, buckle your seatbelts. This one will take your breath away… or at least it did mine.

The consensus is that Ryder needs a lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap) ASAP. Kaiser Modesto cannot accommodate that procedure tonight and tomorrow isn’t soon enough. They have already reserved a room for him at Kaiser in Roseville, where the neurology team is based. Ryan will travel with Ryder by ambulance (they’re still waiting for it to pick them up) and immediately upon arrival he will be sedated for the second time today, and give the LP. He will remain in Roseville for the remainder of his treatment.

He hasn’t eaten or had anything to drink in nearly 24 hours, and we’re anxious to get his little belly satisfied. And I’m desperate for this to be the last necessary procedure before we get some real answers and can take off in a direction that leads to healing.

We are praising the Lord for his provisions thus far. Ryder has been relatively comfortable and stable, and impressively courageous. We have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support… “Thank you” sounds silly in comparison to the intent of the message it carries. And while this isn’t how we intended to spend Evan’s birthday, Christmas or our anniversary, we are fortunate that this happened during a time when everyone around us is on vacation and readily available to help take care of Evan and Lobo.

We will continue to update as news arises.

***Most urgent prayer request right now is that they were supposed to be arriving at the Roseville facility right now. They haven’t even left Modesto because they’re waiting on the ambo. Pray for safe travel, and for Ryan as he endures the waiting game.

Saddle up, homies! The ambo is loaded and the eagle is leaving the nest.
‪#‎ineedsleep‬ ‪

Please remember Ryan in your prayers tonight also… endurance, discernment, and rest.IMG_8032

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