Ryder’s Story: Part 2

In an effort to make sure every detail of this ordeal is documented, I’ve decided to copy and paste all of my Facebook status updates regarding Ryder’s health onto my blog.  You can catch up on Part 1 HERE.

12/24/14 (some time around 2:30am):
The eagle has landed! They’ve been shown to their room, and a doctor with great bedside manner (and a cool dog) has explained everything to Ryder. He doesn’t feel well and he’s starving, but his bravery is unmatched by any 6 year old I know. Prepping for spinal tap now… Thank you again for your incredible prayers and encouragement.

Some time around 3:30am:

God is good – all the time. And it’s so clear that He’s with us!

They chose not to fully sedate, just local anesthesia. Daddy coached him through it, and just like when I was in labor with Ryder, the docs offered him a job as a professional labor coach. 

The test is done, and this boy can EAT!!! More than 24 hours without food or drink, sedation, MRI, ambulance ride, spinal tap… And still smiling.

Evan is happy to have Mama home for a bit, and God knew Daddy would be most helpful for Ryder tonight.

Now we wait for results… Stay tuned!10153717_10152993440208701_6404969112178564458_n

Spaghetti, green beans, peaches… This kid is in heaven!10885221_10152993486488701_6370346221906769345_n

So I haven’t heard any news on the last two hours. Hopefully that means they’ve been able to sleep. What I do know is this: we are celebrating the small victories we’ve had so far BUT we are not out of the woods. There is always the possibility that his paralysis is permanent. The good news is that there is also the possibility that it isn’t.

And we serve a God who is bigger than all of this. The enemy is messing with a little boy with the heart of a warrior and faith that could move a mountain.


They are currently treating him with steroids to reduce any inflammation in the spinal column (which is what I *think* I remember from a middle-of-the-night update) and we’re praying that’s all it takes.

12:20pm – Update from Ryan:
We were transferred to Roseville last night to complete Ryder’s LP (spinal tap) and get the tests started.

Initial results show that there is no bacterial infection – awesome! We are treating for viral or “post infectious response” with a steroid treatment.

Early signs are good, lots of additional tests being run for a wide array of things including EV68 (unlikely per neurologist), West Nile, Epstin-Barre etc…

Ryder is getting a good amount of rest, and has been in good spirits. His one request is, “to go home for Christmas, then we can come back.”

We’ll be here for a while longer as the treatment progresses.

Thanks for the prayers, please keep them coming!

Merry Christmas to all of you, thanks so much for praying for our little guy!

They brought him a bit of “Christmas cheer” this morning10806257_10206095946703897_571617043444488279_n

12:51pm: We’ve been receiving so many encouraging photos and videos from Ryder’s sweet friends.  Here’s a sample:

10614187_10205048824047799_6397586046753331758_n5:49pm – Update from Ryder’s Auntie ChaCha:
He kept asking for pictures. He didn’t want me to leave his bed. I fell in love over and over again.


At least he hadn’t lost his spunk 🙂

Some time around 6:30pm:
Four years ago today, we checked out of the hospital as a family of four. This afternoon my mom and I checked in so that Ryan (who has been awake for nearly 3 days) could go home and try to get some rest.

Ryder is resting comfortably, and so we just sit and wait…

He’s terribly sad to be stuck here for Christmas but we are blessed to be allowed to bring Evan up to see him and spend the day together tomorrow. We’ll make the best of it and look back one day and say “Remember that one year…?”

Saying “thank you” for all the prayers, texts, and sweet words of encouragement just doesn’t seem to suffice but it’s all I have to offer. Praying someday we’ll be presented with the opportunity to pay it forward.

The plan so far is a 5-day course of corticosteroids (700mL/day) to reduce the swelling in his spinal cord… So we will be here at least that long. However, if we receive test results that indicate we should change the course of treatment, we will. He is also receiving visits from occupational and physical therapists.

Thanks again for the part you’re all playing in getting our Warrior healthy!IMG_8052

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