Ryder’s Story: Part 3

In an effort to make sure every detail of this ordeal is documented, I’ve decided to copy and paste all of my Facebook status updates regarding Ryder’s health onto my blog in small chunks.  Click on the links to catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.

Apparently I didn’t post many updates on Christmas Day.  I suppose this is a testament to how sacred that time felt.  Sure, it wasn’t the way we planned to spend our time.  But we made the best of it, and it really turned out ok.  Our time together was focused, and quiet, and there was a feeling of thankfulness in the air as we packed the family into our hospital room and celebrated the best we could.  Here are a few snapshots from that day…

Busy morning around here! Physical therapy, an eye exam, a blood draw, and CHRISTMAS!!! 10624703_10152997864923701_8087026771503968829_n

This was the first time Ryder and Evan had seen each other since this whole thing began.  It represented the end of the longest amount of time they’ve ever been apart.  It was a very sweet reunion, indeed.

IMG_8058Ryan read the story of Jesus’ birth from “The Story“…


We opened our “three gifts” and just enjoyed each other’s company.  Christmas happens wherever your family gathers, and for us it happened in room 421.10866196_10152998195598701_3867257706439122502_oWe enjoyed a little Lego building time…IMG_8086And got several visits from Elf (Nurse) Alice…IMG_8087I can’t say it’s a Christmas I’d like to recreate, but God was with us in that place, and it’s certainly a Christmas we will never forget!IMG_8081Some time around 6:30pm:
This picture may look silly, but it represents God’s faithfulness. We are seeing signs of life in this boy! His appetite is (slowly) returning, he is sitting up and moving around more, and we are noticing tiny improvements in his grip strength.

Ryder is still quarantined to his room until we get some more test results back, and that has been really difficult. He’s desperate for a change of scenery (and to go home) and the steroids can have an unpleasant effect on his attitude, but over all we’re all hanging in there.

My heart is full to overflowing today. We brought Christmas to this bleak hospital room and enjoyed reading the Christmas story, opening our three gifts and spending time with family.

We so appreciate your support… The prayers, messages, videos, the love, the dog walking, the babysitting, the visits. We will never be able to repay, but we will pay it forward!10881492_10152998548873701_7254898790316196293_n

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