Ryder’s Story: Part 7

In an effort to make sure every detail of this ordeal is documented, I’ve decided to copy and paste all of my Facebook status updates regarding Ryder’s health onto my blog in small chunks.  Click on the links to catch up on Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

01/05/15 – 1:38pm: 
Neurology and rehab follow-ups went as expected. There is minimal improvement in finger strength and wrist movement (but we’ll take minimal over none!). Although neither doc saw his gimpiest walking, they agree he is walking as well as can be expected under the circumstances. We’re doing all the right things at home, and will have our first physical and occupational therapy appointments over the next week or so. From there, they will build a program and we will begin regular appointments.

Please pray for continued improvement, low frustration, and as always, complete healing. Also please pray for my mama-heart. For some reason, coming back up to the hospital facility has me a little off-kilter, emotionally. It’s bringing up a lot of insecurities I felt during all our pregnancy losses and when I had West Nile while carrying Ryder. I know these feelings are irrational, and I recognize them as a weapons of spiritual warfare, but they’re there nonetheless.

Grateful for each of you!IMG_814301/06/15 – 2:47pm:
Today was Evan’s first day back at school (T/Th preschool), so we figured we’d take Ryder along to visit his class for a few minutes. Ryder had other plans.

At first, he was nervous… in tears, embarrassed about his sling. But that quickly gave way to determination. He grabbed his backpack and declared that he was staying all day. We tried to prepare him for the fact that it might not work out that way, and it was ok if he got too tired or didn’t feel well and wanted to come home. But here we are, almost ready to go pick him up after a FULL day of school.

When I went to pick up Evan, I checked in on him. He seems tired, but still had his mind set on sticking it out. I am so impressed by his strength, courage, and poise! He leaves no room for excuses, and puts on a brave face even when he’s tired or scared (those who know him have surely seen “the face”… it’s legit!). This kid is gonna move mountains some day, I’m sure of it.

We are humbled once again by the support and love being poured out on our family. There’s no way I’d be willing to release him into just anyone’s care. I wasn’t really ready to let him stay all day, but he was determined, and the staff seemed ready to take on the challenge. So, so, SO grateful for everyone involved!

Looking forward to hearing his take on how it went…

(In this photo, his classmate is taking prayer requests… he’s seated, blue shirt, bottom/left)IMG_81485:54pm:
As expected, Ryder is totally exhausted, but in a great way. He conquered some big demons today… fear of embarrassment, being away from Mom & Dad 24/7 for the last couple of weeks, keeping up with his friends, writing with his left hand, and on and on and on.

We’ve had a few emotional meltdowns this evening, but that’s par for the course as the steroids are still lingering in his system. During bath time I asked what the best part of his day was, and he responded with a big grin, “Just the fact that I got to be there!” 

His friends were so sweet, welcoming him back with hugs and a big stack of adorable cards. We kinda called an audible today, and are so grateful to that everyone stepped in and made him (and me) feel safe.

The last few days have been full of triumph in many ways… but there is still no dramatic improvement in his arm. Please continue to pray for complete healing!IMG_815001/07/15 – 8:42pm:
Oh man, this roller coaster is a doozy! We’ve had a couple of really good days in a row. Going back to school has been huge for Ryder as far as morale and momentum. He even went to Aviators tonight (our church’s version of Awanas).

But it’s clear that exhaustion is still a major player in this game, as he came home and sobbed, “Mama, I just wanna be the way I was before.”

My heart breaks for him, and I want nothing more than to take his place! He rarely mentions the way things were “before” although you can see it on his face sometimes when he watches his friends running around. So when he actually voices what’s on his heart, you know it’s because it’s so heavy he just can’t carry it anymore.

Please, Jesus… please heal my brave warrior!

First physical therapy appointment tomorrow @ 3.

01/08/15 – 5:31pm:
Ryder’s first physical therapy appointment went well. She gave us a few different functional exercises to work on 3x/day, and we’ll go back to see her every two weeks.

She focused only on his legs today, as we’ve been noticing strange things in his gait and weakness when squatting or supporting himself while getting up/down. Originally we figured this was due to anesthesia, steroids, or reduced activity. But we can see now that we simply overlooked this weakness because his arm was more dramatic. It really brings perspective to how bad it *could* have been… Another realization of God’s protection.

So we’ll continue to pray diligently, work diligently, and continue to be thankful for those who have offered hugs and prayers, brought meals, answered calls/texts at crazy hours, and offered services in their “free time.” It takes a village, and ours is the best in the world!IMG_815401/09/15 – 8:39am:
Ryder crushed his first set of exercises this morning! It will be interesting to see if his energy fades as we do our afternoon and evening sets, but he definitely gave us all a little boost to start our day. He’s also been working really hard at proving he can get safely up and down the stairs on his bunkbed, as well as crawl across the mattress. Hopefully within the next day or two he’ll be back up in his regular spot instead of camping out on the floor.

Celebrating small victories this morning… and buckling up because we know full well the Enemy hates us for it. But “no weapon formed against us will succeed!” (Isaiah 54:17)

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