Speed Racer

Ryder has been receiving lots of attention on the blog lately, and for good reason… but there is another courageous boy in this house, and his name is Evan (in case you’re new here).

We first realized something was really wrong with Ryder on the evening of Evan’s fourth birthday.  Luckily we had already celebrated a couple days before, but it certainly made the actual day a memorable one.  Four is juuuuuuust old enough to know something crazy is happening, but not quite old enough to really understand it.  This little spitfire really hung in there!

My parents helped take care of him during the first couple of days while Ryan and I alternated time at the hospital.  Once Ryder became more stable, we got permission to bring him to the hospital for a visit.  I was unsure how that would go… two active boys cooped up in a small hospital room for the day.  But they were so happy to see each other, and they behaved very well.  Ryan and I switched off the whole time, one of us staying at the hospital and one staying at home with Evan.  He was really helpful to the at-home parent each morning, helping pack or tidy or walk the dog (which our incredible neighbors did for us most of the time).  And he never complained about all the hours in the car or time stuck in the hospital room.  Sure, there were moments where the exhaustion and confusion took their toll, but he was an absolute champ!IMG_8117

If you’ve known our family for any amount of time, you know our boys love a good challenge.  Neither one has ever used a bike with training wheels because we started them on Strider bikes (tiny bikes with no pedals).  Evan outgrew the Strider about a year ago, so he got a pedal bike.  He had no trouble learning to work the pedals and brakes, but for the life of him, he just couldn’t figure out how to get started without help.  This week, he mastered the technique, and this mama is experiencing a new kind of freedom.  Never again will I juggle a giant horse-dog while struggling to balance my big boy on his bike, helping him get a push-start.IMG_8245Now, if I could just get him to learn how to pump himself on a swing…  🙂

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