Another New Therapy

Ryder’s favorite (and dare I say, most successful) form of therapy is working out with Ric, our personal trainer and co-owner of Full Force Personal Training.  A typical training session includes about 20 minutes of “work” and 10 minutes of “play.”  Work time often looks like this:IMG_9146…or this:IMG_8899And play time usually looks like this:IMG_9148We have seen significant gains in strength and muscle tone since he starting training at FFPT.  (Remember that “significant” is relative in terms of Ryder’s improvement, but we’re still moving in the right direction.)  And today we started another new form of therapy that looks like this:IMG_9274Isaac is one of Ric’s BFF’s (Do guys even use that term?) as well as a massage therapist.  He agreed to take a look at Ryder and see if he could help in some way.  Right away, he noticed how tight Ryder’s trapezius and pectoralis minor muscles were.  He uses his traps to compensate for the loss of strength in his deltoids.  In other words, when you see him shrug his shoulder and kinda fling his arm forward to reach for something, the trapezius is the muscle doing most of the work.  And the tightness in his pectoralis minor is one of the reasons his shoulder is pulled so far forward since his deltoids are too weak to pull up and back .  It was encouraging to hear that Isaac suspects we may see some improved mobility if we can get Ryder’s muscles loosened up.  He also applied some KT tape (something that Ryder won’t let Ryan or I do) to encourage his shoulder back into the correct position.

Although I know having your tight muscles kneaded isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, our little warrior put on his signature brave face.  Afterwards, while we were walking the dog in our neighborhood, Ryder said, “Mom, I don’t get why people like massages so much!  But I know it’s important to do it because it might help my arm start working again… and it wasn’t too bad.”

As usual, just when I begin to feel like we’re running out of ideas or losing momentum, God places someone in our path who offers a fresh perspective.  I’m not sure how often massage will be integrated into the program going forward, but I’m grateful for another knowledgeable, compassionate member of #TeamRyder.

And in case you’re wondering, while we’re training with Ric (because occasionally I squeeze a training session in too), Evan usually looks like this:  🙂

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