Reuse, Repaint, Redecorate

Reuse, Repaint, Redecorate

Over the last thirteen years I’ve developed a love… then hate… then love-hate… and back-to-love relationship with our house.  Is it my dream home?  Not necessarily.  But right about the time I start to get irritated with living here, God presents me with the opportunity to realize we’re right where we’re supposed to be.  This house […]

Magnificent Meatloaf

Magnificent Meatloaf

For the last few weeks, our small group has been working through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (which I highly recommend).  During our monthly Budget Committee meetings, Ryan and I have learned that giving each dollar a job involves a lot more than just writing down numbers.  It also means talking about our plans for […]

"Just" a Mom

“Just” a Mom

I hear women say this a lot, and even catch myself saying it more often than I care to admit:  I’m “just” a mom. The plan to be a stay-at-home mom was a total no-brainer for Ryan and me.  That’s been the plan from the very beginning of our relationship, and neither of us have […]

On My Mind Lately… {long}

The other day, I posed two questions about music. Then I shared this article on my Facebook page in which the author describes her frustration with the way our culture currently “celebrates” holidays. I totally concur… and apparently, based upon the amount of comments and likes it got, many of my friends do too. So […]


Several years ago, I stumbled upon FlyLady.net.  The concept of Marla’s cleaning and organizing tasks was wonderful, and something I wanted to attain.  But I wasn’t in the right place in life to really stick with it so I didn’t.  For the last several months, I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff […]