Mommy Confession... A Lesson in Contentment

Mommy Confession… A Lesson in Contentment

Ever have “those” days?  Me too. Sometimes I have days where, for no foreseeable reason, I wake up in a foul mood. Usually on those days, the boys do too. Oh great, I think to myself. Here comes another one of “those” days. There are MegaBlocks covering every square inch of flooring, and the boys […]

The Beauty of...

The Beauty of…

… child labor.  Uh… wait, that’s bad. The beauty of teaching your children the value of hard work. Better?  Thought so  🙂 Yesterday afternoon, Ryan and I were trying to clean the kitchen to get ready for small group.  Ryder and Evan were super bored, and therefore, suuuuuuuuper whiny.  Suddenly it dawned on us – […]

Moms Must-Read… and I Haven’t Even Finished It!

If you go to my church, you’ve learning how to be a great leader by following Nehemiah’s example.  (And if you don’t go to my church, visit and click on “listen/watch live” to check out the sermon library.)  Well,  I’m currently reading a book called The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today’s World by Susan Merrill… […]

On My Mind Lately… {long}

The other day, I posed two questions about music. Then I shared this article on my Facebook page in which the author describes her frustration with the way our culture currently “celebrates” holidays. I totally concur… and apparently, based upon the amount of comments and likes it got, many of my friends do too. So […]

Public or Private? That was Our Question

Public or Private? That was Our Question

That moment (that happens over and over again as a parent) when you realize everything you thought you knew was wrong… You know how it goes.  Before you have kids, you’ve already made your mental list (that’s totally set in stone!) of all the things you’d never do (like “I’d never turn on the TV just to […]

Boy, Oh Boy!... a Random Brain Dump

Boy, Oh Boy!… a Random Brain Dump

Growing up, I learned to golf and fish and camp from a really early age… and I loved every second of it!  I can vividly remember being super frustrated when my daddy wouldn’t let me bait my own hook with a nightcrawler.  But I was also a dancer, and loved Barbies and coloring and dressing up. […]

44 Minutes

That’s how long my little man screamed until he finally fell asleep tonight. I know, I know… there are those who are SO against CIO (crying-it-out) and will give me an earful (or a screenful, as the case may be) after reading this. I say bring it on! I’ve already beaten myself up enough, so […]

Sleep Training and Vaccines

Sleep Training and Vaccines

Ryder’s first birthday is fast approaching (already!!!)… and with it, his 12-month doctor visit. It suddenly dawned on me that this means time for more vaccines. Originally, we decided to go ahead and vaccinate. We didn’t do a lot of research, but sorta figured that if they were still offering it, it must be safe, […]