Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is my sweet baby boy’s first birthday! I know it’s cliche, but time really has just flown by. And it really does seem just like yesterday that we were checking into the hospital (although I’m knocking on wood that there will be no hospital visits today!) and preparing to meet our little guy for […]

Holy Hooded Towels, Batman!

Holy Hooded Towels, Batman!

Up until about a month ago, Ryder only got two baths a week. He was born in the fall, so he was never sweaty, and since we have really hard water, I didn’t want to dry his skin out more than it already might in a harsh winter. Since he wasn’t being bathed often, we […]

44 Minutes

That’s how long my little man screamed until he finally fell asleep tonight. I know, I know… there are those who are SO against CIO (crying-it-out) and will give me an earful (or a screenful, as the case may be) after reading this. I say bring it on! I’ve already beaten myself up enough, so […]


No, not me. My sewing machine. GRRR!!! I’m right in the middle of finishing one Christmas gift project, and preparing to start another one, and I did something silly and broke it. Guess I should use my machine-less time to tackle other projects like laundry and dishes. 😀

Sleep Training and Vaccines

Sleep Training and Vaccines

Ryder’s first birthday is fast approaching (already!!!)… and with it, his 12-month doctor visit. It suddenly dawned on me that this means time for more vaccines. Originally, we decided to go ahead and vaccinate. We didn’t do a lot of research, but sorta figured that if they were still offering it, it must be safe, […]

First Post... And I'm Already Complaining!

First Post… And I’m Already Complaining!

I never intended to start off my blog… a document of my journey to the “new me”… with a gripe, but I just can’t help myself.  I’m becoming increasingly irritated with the selection of fabric and ribbon choices at my local JoAnn’ s and Hobby Lobby.  And I could live with small selections if it […]